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Research the Investment

Investors should conduct research about an investment to ensure the legitimacy of the company and product and so that the investor understands the type of information that should be provided before investing.

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Verify Parties are Licensed

Whenever a company or individual seeks to raise capital or manage another person’s money, regulation surely follows.  Much of the activity involving investments requires the company or individual to license.  Failure to do so should be considered a red flag in an investor’s research.

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Ask Questions and Keep Notes

When considering an investment – especially private securities offerings – investors should ask their sales agent, broker, or adviser tough questions to ensure that everything is above board.

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The Utah Division of Securities strongly encourages investors to fully research their investments – and those companies and individuals selling those investments – before purchase.  Much of the fraud reported to the Division could be easily averted if investors took the time to ask questions beforehand.  The Division seeks to provide investors with the tools and resources needed to conduct basic research the investment product, company, or individual an investor is considering.

Often times, researching an investment, company or individual may require some experienced guidance.  While the Division cannot offer investment advice, we are happy to assist investors with tools and resources by which they can conduct their own research.  In addition to the online resources provided, the Division also welcomes inquiries by telephone and email.