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About the Stock Market Game
Stock Market Game

The Stock Market GameTM is a national program created by the SIFMA Foundation and is played in states throughout the U.S. The Utah Division of Securities is the program administrator for the State of Utah and provides fee waivers for Utah teams to participate.

Utah Rules: Participation is limited to Utah Teachers and Students (Grades 4-12). A teacher must register at stockmarketgame.org, create teams and direct the Stock Market Game for students. Students may not register on their own. Teachers must have internet access and an email address. The Utah Division of Securities is excited to announce that as of spring 2015, the $5.00 per team registration fee for the Stock Market Game ™ will be waived in Utah. In order to qualify for this waiver, advisors and teams must follow the SMG Official Rules and teams must make their first transaction by the end of the fifth week. Teams who do not meet these criteria will be deleted from the game. Utah has implemented the Maximum Percentage for Equity Rule: To encourage diversification, teams are allowed to invest a maximum of 20% in a single company or fund.  At the end of the ten week simulation, 3 teams in each region are recognized with plaques, prizes and award ceremonies.  A maximum of one team per teacher will be invited to the awards ceremony.

More information about the Stock Market Game, including registration for a 3 week teacher promo game and the 10 week student games, can be found at stockmarketgame.org.  Other related programs such as "InvestWrite" and "Invest It Forward" can also be found at stockmarketgame.org.


Early Summer New Teacher Promo Game: July 10-28, 2017
Late Summer New Teacher Promo Game: July 31-Aug. 18, 2017
Fall 2017 10 Week Game for Students: September 25-December 1, 2017
Spring 2018 10 Week Game for Students: February 12-April 20, 2018

2017 Teacher Training: Aug. 8, 2016, 9 am-4 pm, Heber Wells Building, 160 E. 300 S. SLC; email kmcmullin@utah.gov to reserve a seat.

The Stock Market Game (SMG) is a ten-week simulation of Wall Street trading that provides a framework for teaching Utah students about the American economic system.   The SMG is designed for classroom use to help students understand the stock market, the costs and benefits involved in economic decision making, the sources and uses of capital, and other related economic concepts.  The SMG is currently being used as a teaching exercise of economics within many subject areas.  It is intended to be a catalyst for further study of and interest in the American free enterprise system in various subject areas through the accompanying curriculum materials.

For ten weeks, during the fall and spring school semesters, students invest a hypothetical $100,000 in common stocks on the New York and American Stock Exchanges and on the Nasdaq market.  In a typical classroom setting, students form teams of 3 to 5 players and work interactively to research stock selections.  During the ten weeks, teams submit their transactions and receive daily portfolios highlighting their current holdings, brokerage fees, margin interest, and team ranking.  At the end of the ten week simulation, 3 teams in each region are recognized with plaques, prizes and award ceremonies.  A maximum of one team per teacher will be invited to the awards ceremony.

Teacher Training for Utah Educators

2017 Stock Market Game Teacher Training

Utah 2017 Teacher Training - August 8, 2016, 9 am - 4 pm, Heber Wells Building, 160 E. 300 S. Salt Lake City, Utah
To reserve a seat at the Aug. 8 training, email Karen McMullin at: kmcmullin@utah.gov

Early Summer New Teacher Promo Session: July 10-28, 2017
Late Summer New Teacher Promo Session: July 31-Aug. 18, 2017
Go to stockmarketgame.org to register for the New Teacher Promo Sessions.

The Stock Market Game sponsor, SIFMA, offers a number of webinars for teachers. The webinar topics, dates, times and registration links are listed below.

Just the Basics: How to Get Started with SMG
Quick Start to Trading - Best Way to Get Your Students Trading
Beyond the Basics: Enhancing the SMG for Veteran Teachers
Winning with Diversification: Review of Buying Mutual Funds, Bonds and ETFs in the SMG Portfolio
InvestWrite: Learn More About Our National and Statewide Essay Competition
Invest It Forward: How a Financial Advisor Can Enhance Your SMG Experience
Capital Hill Challenge Rules


How to Start the Game

How do I get started in The Stock Market Game?
To get started in the SMG program, visit Stock Market Game registration.  This page provides essential information on program requirements and important dates.  SMG is a national program of the SIFMA Foundation and is coordinated locally by the State of Utah, Department of Commerce, Division of Securities, who is dedicated to youth financial literacy.

Where do I begin after I’ve registered?
If you are new to The Stock Market Game, start in the “Getting Started” section of the Teacher Support Center.  It has lesson plans and introductory guides for implementing the program.  If you are a returning teacher, start by reviewing your favorite lessons and activities.  Some of the lessons may have been updated since the last time you participated.

What is the Teacher Support Center?
The Teacher Support Center is a searchable library of curriculum resources, lesson plans, assessments, and standards correlations that help you introduce your students to personal finance fundamentals, including saving and investing, and provide real-world practice in core academic subjects such as math, English, and social studies (economics).

What if I don’t know anything about investing?
The objective of the SMG program is to introduce its participants to the fundamentals of investing. Each lesson plan provides a brief "Teacher Background."  The purpose of the Teacher Background brief is to provide you with enough information to successfully implement the lesson with your students.  In addition to the Teacher Background briefs, the SMG Teacher Support Center provides you with publications, links, and other resources to help get you comfortable teaching the content.  You can also contact your local SMG Coordinator for additional assistance.

What if I’m not a teacher?
Everyone has the potential to be a great SMG teacher.  The challenge is finding the teaching materials appropriate for your teaching environment.  The SMG Teacher Support Center provides materials that help you teach fundamental investment concepts in afterschool, homeschool, other out-of-school and alternative teaching situations.

Do you have materials for afterschool and homeschool use?
Yes!  The Teacher Support Center has easy-to-follow instructional guides, suggested lessons, activities, and projects for afterschool and homeschool participants.  Though afterschool and homeschool resources are designed specifically for their respective audiences, they may be used interchangeably with each other or with educational materials designed for classroom participants.

How do I access the Teacher Support Center?
There are two distinct logins in The Stock Market Game: (1) Advisor and (2) Team.  The Advisor ID and password are used to log into the Teacher Support Center.  The Team ID and Password are used by students.  Each team receives a shared team ID and password to log into their online investment portfolios.  The Advisor is easily distinguished by the capital "T" in the third section of the ID (e.g. AB_12_T 123456).  Log in by clicking the appropriate link at: www.stockmarketgame.org.   Advisors and their Teams login at the same site.

What do you mean by "Correlated to Common Core State Standards?"
Lessons in the Teacher Support Center are correlated to the national Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  These correlations are presented in an interactive table in the Standards section of the Teacher Support Center.  The Stock Market Game effectively contextualizes the academic content standards, practices, and career skills expressed in the CCSS, STEM, and by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

InvestWrite Contest

About InvestWrite

InvestWrite, an innovative national writing competition, produced by The Stock Market Game program, adds a critical thinking component to help reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.

  • Every student currently registered in The Stock Market Game program with a valid team login ID and password is eligible.
  • Your students participate by writing essays in their grade division: Elementary (4-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12).
  • Every assignment introduces or relates to investment principles linked to The Stock Market Game program. Each InvestWrite assignment ties to various lessons throughout the curriculum.
  • Teachers can choose to assign the InvestWrite writing assignment as an in-class or homework assignment.
  • Both teachers and students will have a chance to win gift certificates, laptop computers, trips to New York (middle and high school), and other great prizes.
  • Each participating student submission has a chance to be reviewed by the competition's first round judge...you, the teacher.
  • Then, as the first round judge, you select the top ten responses from each class or group of participants (based on the guidelines and directions).
  • Then submit them electronically to the next round of evaluation at the national level on this website.

If you plan to participate, please help us by completing our "quick-and-easy" Pre-Registration Form.

Why Should I Use InvestWrite

  • InvestWrite National Competition is an essential tool that enhances the The Stock Market Game™ program by providing your students with a way to demonstrate what they are learning in the classroom.
  • InvestWrite fosters:
    • Achievement in academic areas such as mathematics, language arts, social studies, economics, and finance
    • "Real life” decision-making skills
    • An understanding of the need to save and invest
  • InvestWrite gives an opportunity:
    • To incorporate The Stock Market Game program knowledge into your curriculum
    • To add writing/critical thinking to the program without extra planning time
    • To step aside from the daily school routine for students as well as for teachers
    • To learn more about the stock market and investing
    • To enrich yours and your students’ Stock Market Game experience
    • To win great awards for everyone
    • To compete as individuals with other students at their grade level all over the country


Contact Information

State of Utah, Department of Commerce
Division of Securities

160 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Website:  http://securities.utah.gov
Email:  securities@utah.gov

Utah Stock Market Game Coordinator:  Karen McMullin, kmcmullin@utah.gov

Recent Winners

Beginning Fall 2016 Semester,  at the end of the ten week simulation, 3 teams in each region are recognized with plaques, prizes and award ceremonies.  A maximum of one team per teacher will be invited to the awards ceremony.

FALL Semester 2018 Awards Banquet
  January 5, 2018

Stock Market Game School Winners

2017 Spring Semester

High School Division

1st Place — Northridge High Schooll
        Advisor – Shad McCord; Students - Bradly Cook, Jeremy Olsen

2nd Place — Provo High School
        Advisor – Debbie Lasson; Students - Rachel Doud, Jaryl Briggs

3rd Place — Skyline High School
        Advisor – Colleen Wood; Students-Porter Roberts

Jr / Middle School Division

1st Place — Mountain Ridge Jr. High
        Advisor – Jeff Hinton; Students-Kayden Gillings, Jason Kohler, Jayson Sumner

2nd Place — Timberline Middle School
        Advisor – Mike Wood; Students-Mirae Oaks, Wilbert Kim, Kate Tew

3rd Place — Joel P. Jensen Middle School
        Advisor – Heather Woffinden; ; Students-Bailey McLaughlin, Nevaeh Fox, Jared Baggaley

Elementary School Division

1st Place — Creekside Elementary
        Advisor – David Hardy; Students-Grace Hardy, Allison Hillyard, Keasha Sandoval

2nd Place — West Point Elementary
        Advisor – Sam Hummel; Students-Raegan Poorman, Bryan Larsen, Izzy Turner

3rd Place — Orchard Elementary
        Advisor – Shauna Hardy; Students-Shrader Larsen, Max Platt, Garrison Ruggiero